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At Pure Shakers, food seasoning suppliers, we specialize in gourmet seasoning blends that are garden fresh and healthy. We're proud of the fact that we offer you the best quality and taste without the additives that can destroy nutrients and cause allergies and other health problems.

Our gourmet seasoning blends contain no fillers, no MSG, and no preservatives. Pure Shakers Seasonings is like having a secret garden in your kitchen!

Our seasonings use only pure-unrefined sea salts – healthier and more flavorful than regular table salts – they’re loaded with trace minerals your body needs, including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, iodine and more. It’s a better choice for your body.

Pure Shakers is a division of Cedar Hill, Inc. If you would you like to purchase Pure Shakers products wholesale we offer retailers and wholesalers several ways to involve themselves with Pure Shakers. Retail: You can sell Pure Seasonings from your retail outlet. Private labeling: We are happy to let you put your label on our seasonings. Custom Blends: We will blend customized herb and spice mixes that are not currently included in our product line. To learn more, please contact us to get started.